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What LOT 22 is about:

LOT 22

LOT 22 is a  project dedicated to providing skills and resources for veterans and holders to enrich and better their lives: 

  • In a nutshell, LOT 22 is geared toward teaching holders how to create art, music, animation, along with tech training.

  • We’ve partnered with Industry leaders and pioneers to give holders creative education, metaverse entertainment and technical skills to create your own projects.


For Our Holders:

LOT 22 Holder Benefits

Holders retain commercial rights: 

  1. Holders will be taught how to create their own comicbooks/songs/cartoons and where to pitch them, what festivals to enter them, and overall what to do with something of that nature. 

  2. Holders can also create merchandise directly from their nfts, creating a new, web3 income stream.


Tier Benefits

LOT 22 Tier Benefits

Tiered Collector Benefits, including free NFTs

  • Holders of 1+ NFTs receive auto whitelist to Gen 2 Trailer Park Edition and Female Soldiers / Aliens 👽…….

  • Private Whale Holders of 5+ NFTs receive 1 airdropped gen2 Trailer Park Edition 

  • Buck Sergeant Whale Holders of 5+ each Alien and Soldier will receive 1 trailer and 1 barracks. 

  • Butterbar Whale Holders of 30+ receive access to our studio to creat your own platoon logo and patches to represent and to place for sale on our e-commerce launching in phase 2.

One of which being that we will make your own collection or comic:

  • Four Star General Whale Holders of all military classifications will receive assets they can burn to receive an animated trailer of their own choosing  written and animated with award winning studios guidance or Comic Book Collection created for you or you very own NFT Generated Collection!

Another is we will teach you marketable (web2/web3) skills via Art/Music Tutorials:

  • Live Guitar Lessons.

  • Live character creation. 

  • Learn to Make your own beats.

  • Comic book creation tutorials with top tier artists who’ve worked for companies like Marvel/DC/Image/Dark Horse/Boom/Dynamite 

  • Animation tutorials.

  • NFT and Blockchain education 

22% Mint Funds donated to Military Finance 

Directly paid through payment splitter.

20% Mint Funds will will be used to support liquidity by a community vote.

Mint Funds after operating costs to holder Benefits: 

Lessons, tutorials, valuable NFT holder giveaways, NFT education, work materials.

LOT 22 NFTs will be revealed in batches of 55


Launch Gen 2 Trailer Park Edition / Female Soldiers/Aliens 


Gamify the tokens via “Aliens vs Soldiers” Mini Games.

Badge - Available On - Dark.png
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